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Lib Dems and scandal of our empty homes

In her press release about the scandal of empty homes – and it is a scandal – Liberal Democrat Laura Gordon attacks councils for failing to act. (See The ‘scandal’ of homes in Sheffield sitting empty for more than 10 years, The Star, January 10.

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Crimean monument

Crimean memorial

I’m afraid Patrick Hickey, (Star Letter, January 12), has misunderstood my comment about the part of the Crimean War Memorial which is missing.

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Mince pies

A ramble, treats and poignant verses

I would like to thank all 36 people who supported my recent 19th annual pre-Christmas ramble, (December 23), on behalf of the Great Central Railway Society.

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One of Sheffield's new dockless bikes in a tree on Hunter's Bar roundabout.

Bicycle poem

1,000 Yellow Bicycles in Sheffield

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NHS Walk-in Centre on Broad Lane in Sheffield city centre could be closed down and moved to the Northern General

City needs two A&Es

I am becoming increasingly concerned, judging by the noises being made, that the decision to close the walk in centre at the Hallamshire hospital and the Broad Lane centre has already been made.

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Shape a world that they wish to live in

It has been a long time since I last felt the need to vent my frustration at the way the world is turning via the pages of the Star.

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How the service station planned by Extra at Smithy Wood could look

Green belt will be lost to unwanted project

To destroy the ancient woodland for a garage is not only sinful it is destructive, the woodland lent itself to the fuels that fed the fires on which the Blackburn Valley depended.

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A kind deed for charity

Referring to Wendy Watkins’ letter on Thursday, January 11, re St Luke’s charity shop staff turning down donations in a rude manner.

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Coles Corner

Limited only by the imagination

A few weeks ago I kept a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas lunch appointment at the M&S Fargate store, followed by a stroll down The Moor in a futile attempt to shed an inch or two from my rapidly expanding waistline.

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Book Flood

Like Jayne Grayson we were sad to read of the number of children without books in Sheffield.

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Driving in the snow

Are you tired of being handicapped in snow?

While I can understand the attitudes and the apparent ignorance shown by many motorists concerning winter tyres, (WT’s), I was surprised during the snow affecting the Christmas period to hear both the AA and RAC spokesmen on television failing to even mention them.

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Sheffield Supertram

On your front page of Friday, October 6, 2017,you said that the tram network was set for a £230 million upgrade but no extension to Stocksbridge. What a shambles public transport is in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

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Crimean monument

Crimea monument to stay in storage

I am writing in reply to Valerie Bayliss letter of January 4,where she is asking once again for the whereabouts of the Crimean war monument capita.

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Displaced kerb

Why is this?

While out walking around Nether Edge this week I noticed this kerb displacement caused by a cover for the utilities.

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Tree at the very bottom of Gregg House Road at Shiregreen

Just in case they’ve forgotten it

Way back last year I wrote, on behalf of myself and neighbours, to our councillor for the environment about a large tree at the very bottom of Gregg House Road at Shiregreen.

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Parking sign at Weston Park Hospital.

Hospital parking

So those who can afford to run a car don’t think they should have to pay to park at our hospitals.

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Artist's impression of the new McLaren factory at the AMRC

Editor’s Comment: These are the things Sheffield needs in 2018

It is the time of year to make resolutions so your Star team has been working with Sheffielders to set our own agenda for 2018.

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Sheffield Railway Station

Station is neglected and appears squalid

There is much discussion in Sheffield around how we can encourage visitors to the city and have it taken seriously as a place of business, welcome and hospitality.

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Welcome, one and all

There is only one thing to do to bring tourists to Sheffield, tell them it’s the capital of South Yorkshire and there is everything you need to enjoy your stay.

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The Great Wall of China.

Look at what is best for city not developers

Nancy Fielder spelt out what she saw as her vision for the development of Sheffield and asked her readers to suggest theirs.

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