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I was interrupted by Mayor three times

I’m sorry if the Lord Mayor, Councillor Ann Murphy, felt bullied and abused by street tree campaigners at the opening of the exhibition about 100 years of protest at Weston Park Museum.

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Tony Currie

A privilege to see him play

Pete Godfrey, Stocksbridge, must be an Owl.

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Pot holes

Answers required on state of city’s roads

As I drive around Sheffield roads I, and other drivers, realise that they are not fit for purpose.

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Mary Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots

With regard to Richard Blackledge’s Tuesday interview, (February 13), feature with Linder Sterling, I wish to point out one important mistake.

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Anti-Fracking feature, Marsh Lane, Eckington...30th January 2018 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

No national interest in extracting shale gas

The Star’s front page headline on February 3, was “Fracking fury set to explode” (February 7).

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The lowest form of wit

In reply to the “two-pronged attack” from Messrs Crowther and Palmer. To Crowther, I say that it wasn’t my intention,(and still isn’t), to supply details telling the public what is right or wrong, but merely suggesting that people investigate the whole “Europe” situation for themselves before accepting the conclusions that are forced on them on a daily basis by two of the largest newspapers in a brainwashing sort of manner.

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Work together to ensure our success

When I read Pete Bellamy’s letter, (Star, February 13), it reminded me of the doom and gloom-mongers of ‘Project Fear’ as he paints a picture of our country that I do not recognise.

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Chaos of bus deregulation

The ITV’s Tonight programme told us that people are taking up to an hour to get to work, and that’s local.

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Let’s work together for Brexit prosperity

“Austerity? You ain’t seen nothing yet” Pete Bellamy’s Star Letter, February 13, could not describe the wish of 17.5 million Brexiteers to leave the EU in a better manner.

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Carrying knives

Regarding your article showing the horrific wounds of the knife victim and the stupid sentences fished out by our judges, people wonder how this can happen with the laws regarding carrying knives.

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Landlords are the winners once again

Is this justice?

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Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield'The WRVS trolley service - 25th November 1980

WRVS losing contract

How sad to learn that after more than 30 years serving patients at the Hallamshire and Northern General the WRVS have lost their contract for running cafes at these two hospitals which will now go to a London firm.

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Millicent Fawcett

The real heroines of women’s suffrage

One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

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Valentine's Day

The Real Thing

A Valentine’s Day poem

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Austerity? You ain’t seen nothing yet

So after months of Brexit negotiations we now know what Europe is offering. A “transition period” finishing in 2020 when we officially leave.

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It’s a disgrace

Given the media/public awareness of plastic pollution I am amazed by the litter around large commercial properties in Sheffield.

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Protest march through Sheffield

What can be achieved by protesting?

The Star editor, Nancy Fielder, asks “What does protest achieve?”, (Star, February 7),

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Rainbow Trust

Challenge 50

I am a great fan of marking ‘significant’ ages in a positive way, to celebrate being alive and, thankfully, being healthy.

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Emily Davison died after falling under the King' s horse at the Derby.

Were suffragettes terrorists or not?

It seems history is trying to be rewritten by some yet again.

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Welcome to Shiregreen

The next time you hear complaints about rubbish in Page Hall, let me assure you that it’s not only Page Hall.

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