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Projected closure of walk in centre

I am appalled at the proposed closure of the Broad Lane walk in centre and Minor Injuries Unit at the Hallamshire Hospital.

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NHS in crisis

For months now we’ve heard that the NHS is in crisis, (hasn’t it always been the case for the past few decades), as it’s not meeting it’s targets for seeing A&E patients in the required time frame.

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What sort of devolution is wanted?

In a rare but welcome consultation exercise voters in Barnsley and Doncaster are invited to take part in a ‘community poll’ on what sort of devolution they prefer.

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HSBC Sheffield Cycle Grand Prix
Start of the womens race

Cycle race

Great news that another cycle race is coming to our area, and many thanks for publishing all the places to avoid on those days.

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Donald Trump

I don’t think this man can be trusted

I very much share the widespread condemnation of the comments made on Twitter from the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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Everyone wants to be safe in a taxi

I notice from your article regarding safety in taxis it does not give any details of the drivers who have been investigated regarding these crimes.

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Exhaust fumes

There needs to be radical change

In response to recent letters and articles re Climate Conference in Sheffield.

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Latest offering

Katie Hopkins has a book out, she’s causing headlines again to try to flog her moronic offerings.

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Illuminations in Abbeydale Park Rise.

Heartbreaking story at Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching in what is supposed to be the season of goodwill there is a heartbreaking story in the escalation of Sheffield’s tree felling saga more befitting to Charles Dickens classic of Ebenezer Scrooge.

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Waste fly-tipping

Flytipping rubbish

I pass by on Herries Road to attend the Northern General Hospital weekly and regularly see rubbish and furniture that has been dumped at the top of the Blyde Road short stay car park at Fir Vale.

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Anns Grove Primary School, Anns Road. Picture: Andrew Roe

Top 5pc of schools in the country

I have had the privilege of being Chair of Governors at Anns Grove Primary School since 2015. Earlier this year, our governing body agreed to Sheffield City Council’s request to release our headteacher, Sam Fearnehough, so she could support Westways Primary in driving up standards to avoid a third ‘Requires Improvement’ Ofsted inspection.

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Our planets biggest health issue is antibiotic resistance.

Sacred tablets

Doctors are not handing out antibiotics any more.

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Christmas poem

Sheffield Christmas, (Inspired by, but apologies to, Sir John Betjeman)

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Buses in Sheffield

I’m reconsidering my mode of transport

Catching a bus during off-peak times has become a test of resilience, patience and endurance.

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If you did this, you should be ashamed

I am a resident of Sheffield, I love my city and really appreciate that we have two universities and all of the vibrancy that the students bring - I live just off Ecclesall Road so I live among a lot of students.

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Pigeons at The Moor are becoming a problem

Brenda’s pigeons

I would like to reply to Brenda Wilkinson who addresses me personally in The Star, December 1, (Gary and the pigeons).

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Sheffield Green Party members Martin Phipps and Brian Holmshaw by the ring road.

Call for inner ring road plans to be put on hold

Sheffield Council plan to increase the number of lanes on the inner ring road between Corporation Street and Savile Street to allow more cars.

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Blocked drains

Blocked drains

The photo is of gully grates on the north side of Fulwood Road, between Tapton Park Road and the junction of Manchester Road at Broomhill.

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Thank you guys for a job well done

Over the last few years we have all been subjected to vilification against the contractors Amey on an almost daily basis.

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John Lewis Store, Barkers Pool, Sheffield

Heritage at heart

In April 1960, the Council abandoned plans for a huge Civic Centre between Barker’s Pool and Moorhead and instead leased some of the land to the John Lewis Partnership, planning for the surrounding area to be dedicated to shopping.

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