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Star Editor Jeremy Clifford at Crystal Peaks talks to readers about the new-look paper
Star Editor Jeremy Clifford at Crystal Peaks talks to readers about the new-look paper
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The Star’s new look received glowing reviews - and its fair share of critics - as the editorial team hit the road again to gather readers’ views.

Shoppers in Crystal Peaks were full of feedback at the relaunch roadshow, designed to showcase our image change and new and improved pullouts and supplements.

The new-look Star hit the stands on Tuesday and our reporters, feature writers and editors will be taking part in a series of events over the coming weeks.

With the launch of any new product there will always be teething troubles and our aim is to ensure we take on board the views of the people who matter most - you, the readers.

Martin Judge, aged 65, a loyal reader for 40 years, said: “When I picked up Dining Out it didn’t tell me where the restaurant was on the header. I had to read all the way through to find out.

“And the football section at the back had the scores and goalscorers at the top, but I could hardly see them.

“Other than that, I really like the look of it.”

Alf Eklid, aged 84, of Frecheville, said: “I met with the editor earlier in the year and asked for the pages to be clearer and I’m really pleased with them. It’s a big improvement.”

And while a cover price rise to 65p was met with some criticism, many readers were unaware of the savings they could make by subscribing to The Star.

New features such as new entertainment pullout Wow 24/7, and Style, especially for women, were welcomed.

It seems that long-term, loyal readers will take time to adjust to the new look, but are willing to persevere for a newspaper with a 125-year reputation for delivering local news.

Sarah Burns, aged 30, of Beighton, said: “I preferred the old one but I think that’s just because this is new - you always get like that.”

And, sometimes, a change can do you good.

More of The Star’s editorial team will be out on Fargate from 9am until 2pm today. Do come along.