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The Lonely Planet has put Yorkshire as the third best region in the world to visit. As a result, we put it to you on Facebook and asked you for YOUR opinion.

One man’s rather negative view caught my eye. I feel compelled to share it with you, and to ask: do you agree?

Attracting 10 ‘likes’ from other people, Lee Swords said: “South Yorkshire especially Sheffield has a lot to offer. We have street crime, gang culture, organised human trafficking, space age drug cultivation, ever diminishing green spaces and a council that is so inept, and ideologically tainted they themselves warrant an audience because being involved in one of their chamber meetings would be more fun than watching the chimps at Chester Zoo.

“Harsh on the council? No, whilst ever they insist on allowing greenbelt land to be developed whilst brownfield sites sit festering, bulldozing stadiums we haven’t paid for and closing playgrounds and libraries the public it isn’t harsh at all.

“No wonder nobody wants to come to Sheffield...It’s a dump!”

Not content at that, he goes on: “What have we got to be satisfied with in Sheffield? What exactly do I need to be cheering about? Am I supposed to be happy that my home estate is now nothing but a dumping ground for unemployable immigrants that spit a lot? Am I supposed to be satisfied that SCC have ruined my home town? Eh?”

It’s a damning impression from one man who ought to be proud of his ‘home town’.

So I am appealing to the people of Sheffield to tell me if he is right or wrong.

Is Lee Swords in the minority, or do Sheffielders agree with his point of view?

Unlike this person, I am committed to talking up Sheffield, hence the front page coverage for the first new swimming pool to be built in Sheffield in 20 years. A £5m investment that will surely be welcomed with open arms.

So come on Sheffielders – join the debate and get YOUR opinion heard.