Your new-look Star: It’s all about you

Relaunch Wrap centre spread
Relaunch Wrap centre spread
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Your new-look Star is arriving on Tuesday. So to fill you in on exactly what you can expect I’ve invited the Editor, Jeremy Clifford, to tell you more:

“Well, we are just days away from the new look to The Star and we are putting the finishing touches to the designs and some of the new features we will be including in your newspaper.

“We’ve been talking about some of the changes you will see for the past few weeks and even introduced some of them already to give you a taste of things to come.

“For example, our Retro supplement on Saturday has the new look, GrassRoots was launched with its new style last Friday and our Full Time Monday supplement has been given a facelift too. Our entertainments supplement Wow24/7 is packed full of cinema, theatre, band reviews and listings.

“I am confident you will like them and the changes still to come.

“On Tuesday, Ellen Beardmore has been hard at work giving Class Act a new look and new ideas to celebrate all the great work going on in the classroom.

“Wednesdays will see eight more pages added to The Star, edited by Woman’s Editor Jo Davison, providing new features aimed at women, from health and beauty, fashion, but also capturing the modern trend of baking, too. It’s a great read and involves women talking to women.

“We are also adding new bits to the rest of the newspaper. On Mondays we are adding another eight pages to The Star aimed at celebrating all the good things in life, from picture stories to people’s parties, achievements and anniversaries. Also on Monday is a new health and fitness column with a weekly workout for you to try. On Tuesday is a new midweek Retro section, and on Wednesday we are hoping to be introducing a new columnist.

“Wednesday also has a new look to our Business coverage.

“We will be introducing a weekly look at all the latest planning applications, so you can see what is being planned near you.

“And on Thursdays, we will be dedicating even more pages to news from your neighbourhood.

“We are having to change our puzzles page because of a new provider. I hope you will get used to it quickly.

“While we have been planning these changes, we have been careful to ensure we keep all the things that people like, as well. So it represents a total improvement, keeping the best of the old and adding the new.

“All this new content is being put together in a bright new, more modern design.

“From Monday the cost of The Star will increase by 5p. Like so many businesses in today’s economy we face a battle against growing costs, but at 65p there is still little else you can get that provides such value.

“We are committed to giving the best local news service, but that costs money and we have to balance that with the amount of advertising in our newspaper. That is why we have added 24 pages to The Star over the whole week.

“But you can beat the price increase by taking out a subscription. That will actually save you money and help us, too - a win-win.”

If you subscribe to The Star it will only cost you 45p a day, a saving of 20p and £2.70 a week. It’s simple to do. 
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