Your Letters: Henderson’s Relish row

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Star readers have filled our postbag with support for the city’s own Henderson’s Relish afterb it came under attack by a MP - here are some of your letters.

NO AFTERTASTE TO SHEFFIELD’S HENDERSON’S, UNLIKE MPS: I received a phone call from my father today and he informed me about an MP in London sharing his thoughts on Henderson’s Relish.

Well what can I say? I was born and bred on Henderson’s and I have always had it with me where ever I have been with the armed forces, including the first Gulf War.

For the past 22 years I have been bringing it back to southern Germany, (approximately 1,400 km from Sheffield).

I have always shared it with my friends and they have asked me to bring back a bottle of Hendo’s for them.

My wife is German and my two are aged children seven and nine.

I’m sorry if I have written the ages of my children, while MPs have nothing better to do than say you can’t do this or that or enjoy something as nice as Henderson’s. Do away with MPs and produce more Henderson’s.

It’s heaper and has a nice aftertaste to it as well.

Wayne, born and bred in Sheffield, aged 52, likes Henderson’s Dislikes MPs

MP DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT: The pompous, jumped-up MP Jim Dowd does not know what he is talking about, when he is trying to run down Henserson’s Relish.

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce isn’t a patch on Hendo’s rello, as we call it in Sheffield.

I know that, because I have been using it for over 75 years. I now buy it by the gallon keg.

The first bottles of Hendo’s I remember used to have a cork with a red wax seal round it.

John Bull, Sheffield 5

I now live in Cornwall and get family to bring me a case down each time they visit. You can’t beat it. Last time my husband went to Sheffield and bought 12 bottles in a shop in Pistol Creeks he was asked if he was pregnant.

Karen Webster

FAKE YORKSHIRES: The ignorant pompous MP from London has obviously never been north of Watford Gap.

He probably thinks that Yorkshire Pudding is fake too!

The sad man has never had Henderson’s Relish on his meat and tatty pie or fish and chips.

There’s no wonder he has been hallucinating such dribble to his political contemporaries. He is obviously undernourished and is need of some proper sauce to add to sass.

Daniel Bell by email

I CAN’T GET ENOUGH: I love Henderson’s, I can’t get enough of it. It goes with everything.

My favourite crisp are Henderson’s Relish flavour.

I think they ought to bring out a Henderson’s Relish flavour Pot Noodle.

Can’t wait!!

AF, Middlewood

CUPBOARD LOVE: Was it just me who was delighted to see Nick Clegg and others fighting the corner of the excellent Henderson’s Relish?

Like most Sheffielders my cupboard isn’t complete without a bottle of the spicy sauce. Not just brilliant on bangers and bash – folklore suggests it’s great for shaving and showering as well! For anyone to declare this 130 year old tradition as a rip-off displays staggering ignorance and stupidity that beggars belief. I’d like to see this Labour MP stand on the steps of City Hall and make that claim again – pitchforks at the ready!

Eugene Spencer by email

HEND-ODE: An odd ode to our beloved nectar.

Our Henderson’s Relish is best...

It beats, by a mile, all the rest

With meat, veg and fish, it’s all you could wish

From a relish that thousands still cherish

...that MP for Penge is a twit

but his comments won’t hurt sales a bit

In fact it will show how a business can grow

Making Henderson’s more of a hit!

Jeremy Biggin, Sheffield

VEGGIE TREAT: I’ve e-mailed Jim Dowd, MP, to say: Just to say, as a Londoner who lived many years on Tyneside, but now am in Staveley, Derbyshire, a few miles short of Sheffield – not only do we love Henderson’s Relish, but when our veggie daughter comes to stay, she can put it on her meals, as it’s vegetarian, unlike Worcestershire Sauce, which contains anchovies. I’m sure after all this the MP will make Henderson’s a regular feature in his meals.

Ian Falconer