Your chance to win a year’s supply of Hendo’s

We're offering you the chance to win a year's supply of Henderson's
We're offering you the chance to win a year's supply of Henderson's
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The Star has teamed up with legendary local firm Henderson’s to offer you the chance to win a year’s supply of Sheffield’s favourite relish.

Henderson’s Relish, famously known to Sheffielders as Hendo’s, was first produced by Henry Henderson and is still made in the in the heart of Sheffield today.

Henderson’s Relish continues to be blended to the original secret recipe of Henry Henderson and the recipe remains a secret only known to three family members, while the first batch of his famous relish was produced in 1885.

Until 2013 the spicy condiment Henderson’s Relish was in uninterrupted production within half a mile of the original site on Broad Lane from which the first bottle was filled.

Some 130 years later and much has changed but Henderson’s hasn’t.

They are still a family business, still blending in Sheffield to Henry’s original recipe, and the mixture of tamarinds, cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic and cloves has inspired painters and poets, songwriters and film makers.

It has a legion of famous fans, who spread the word all over the world.

Matt Helders, from the Arctic Monkeys , once famously said in an interview that it was: “Like Worcester sauce but one million times better.”

There’s now a Henderson’s Relish cook book, while the city’s obsession with the condiment has even inspired the creation of an elephant sculpture to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital as part of the Herd of Sheffield art trail.

Find out what all the fuss is about for yourself by splashing a little Hendo’s on almost any dish for a fuller, richer flavour.

For your chance to win a year’s supply of Hendersons Relish - which equates to 52 bottles, or one per week – simply Tweet the hashtag #HendosComp and follow the Henderson’s Relish Twitter account, @HendoRelish.

The deadline for entries is 11.59pm on Monday, December 19.

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