Your chance to thank heroes

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THEY work tirelessly, never give up on you and are the reason our National Health Service is still the envy of the world.

We refer, of course, to the NHS staff, be they specialist doctors, nurses, midwives or volunteers.

And now you are being asked to name the best of the best – those people who go beyond the call of duty to provide world-class care for patients. Details of how to nominate individuals or groups of medical staff are on tonight’s page 3. The winner will be presented with their award in front of hundreds of guests at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ annual Thank You Awards ceremony in November.

Its your chance to thank an outstanding member of staff and is one we hope you will take. A few moments of your time is surely worth giving to the people who could give years of happiness.

Have your say on bin service future

THE door opens today for the people of Sheffield to have their say on how the future bin services across the city should be developed. We sincerely hope they make the most of this opportunity and let their opinions be heard loud and clear.

Our postbag was overwhelmed when the current blue box and blue bin system was introduced with many people claiming that they recycled too much paper to fit into the boxes which were also too heavy to carry to the kerb.

Plans to allow residents to choose whether to use the box or bin for paper were introduced in some parts of the city but stalled over negotiations involving waste contractor Veolia. Now a questionnaire has been prepared which will seek the views of people across the city on a wide range of bin collection issues. It does seem that some of the questions have been weighted, suggesting that the Labour Council is eager to end green waste services and that there is some enthusiasm towards fortnightly black bin collections.

That makes it all the more important for the public to step forward and have their say before decisions are set in stone.

Steadfast approach

WHILE stock market traders still fear a double dip recession, local business are showing more fortitude.

Sheffield-based construction group Henry Boot has almost doubled trading profits for the first half of the year. Its MD says things are picking up.

Meanwhile, Doncaster-based UK Coal has moved back into profit after three years of losses. Its revenues increased during the first six months of the year.

Nobody thinks it’s easy in the market place right now. But Stock Exchange scaremongers would do well to learn from the steadfast approach which is helping local firms in difficult times.