Your chance to deal in justice

Have your say

PLEASE consider the call for members of the public to join Sheffield’s Community Justice Panels.

Set up in August 2009, the panels work to resolve the harm caused by anti-social behaviour, disputes between neighbours and minor crimes by bringing together victims and wrongdoers.

In the short time since they were established, the panels have already dealt with 156 cases and scored a remarkable success rate in deterring young people from re-offending. Only four of 83 young people involved in the cases went on to commit further offences.

This is a great indicator that the system works and produces the kind of results which benefit everyone.

Now the panels have been boosted by a further 18 recruits, bringing the total number of volunteer facilitators to 55. They come from all walks of life and all parts of the city.

But for the Community Justice Panel project to make a real difference, we need to see more people stepping forward to offer their time and enthusiasm. Give it a try. Make a difference.

Hall may have had a brighter future

THE controversial disposal of Lose Hill Hall will leave many mourning the loss of a tremendous national treasure which set an international standard in understanding how to manage wildernesses in an ever over-crowding world.

Officials had argued that the annual running costs were too high to allow them to hang on to the hall in the current financial climate.

There is some comfort in the fact that it has gone to the Youth Hostel Association, who pledge to continue its education work with children and young people for at least another 20 years, something which was feared would be lost if it had slipped into more commercially inclined hands.

But the fact that it was sold, rather than leased, will raise eyebrows among those who know that the current financial climate will not last for ever and that there may have been a bright future for the hall under different economic circumstances.

People will want to know why it was so imperative to sell off the Peak Park’s publicly-owned silver at a knock down price in such haste.

Fresh air bonus

NO doubt that New Year Resolution to get fit in 2011 is a fast-fading memory.

But it is not too late - nor need getting in shape be boring. For Sheffield Forest Rangers have thrown down a challenge for people to volunteer and help the environment - and lose a few pounds at the same time through physical work.

The Rangers are responsible for a wide range of habitats around the city which need a lot of work to keep them in shape.

This is a great way to keep in shape too and fresh air is an added bonus!