Your chance of a real say in general election

Have your say

readers who want a real say in future general elections should vote for AV.

Today, most seats are safe and politicians take your vote for granted: Nick Clegg doesn’t need it to win in Hallam, why should David Blunkett fight for it in Brightside and Hillsborough?

Only in marginal Central must politicians battle.

Nationally, they target a few close-fought seats, hoping to impress a tiny group of voters who can swing the result.

Why did Labour lurch to the right under Blair? Why did Cameron pretend to be the people’s green friend? Not for your vote, unless you’re in that privileged group.

AV changes all that. Politicians must work for every vote, fighting for second choice if they can’t be first.

Steal another party’s policies? Too risky. They’ll need distinctive ideas backed by proper arguments, not ideology and sound-bites.

Too many MPs cruise into Westminster on the back of crude promises aimed at floating voters in a marginal seat, not you. With AV, they’ll want your vote like never before. Make them fight for it.

J Robin Hughes, Worrall