Your car doesn’t exist

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THE computer says your car no longer exists.

Yat Chu drove to the post office to renew his tax disc after his reminder failed to arrive. But staff said they had no record of him.

Confused, he rang the DVLA helpline and an adviser dropped a bombshell - his car was down as having been scrapped. By the way, it’s likely you’ve been driving illegally and your insurance is void, the man said.

Thoroughly alarmed, Yat visited the DVLA Sheffield office and was told the computer showed his car had been in an accident and was written off in January, scrapped in February and crushed in March.

He said: “It became frighteningly obvious that I had been a motoring criminal for the last six months, totally oblivious to the inaccurate details. What would happen if I’d had a collision?  I bet the police would have had a field day, while the insurance company would have absolved themselves completely.

“I need to know how this happened.”

A DVLA spokeswoman said an insurance company had transposed two digits while inputting details of another, wrecked, car.

“Unfortunately the mistake was made worse because their agent also notified the DVLA that the vehicle had been scrapped. Please accept my apologies. I attach a leaflet, ‘how to make a complaint,’” she said.