Youngsters teach adults

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I watched Young Apprentice the other night, expecting to feel utterly nauseated by a load of precocious little clever-clogs.

Not so. Actually, I was impressed.

The kids put the adults who are usually vying for Sugar’s dosh to shame.

Aged only 16 and 17, they are just as smart as the grown-ups.

They seem to know what they want and realise that getting it relies on hard work, taking a calculated risk and developing a smooth line in patter. They had so much of the latter, I pitied their parents come Christmas time.

Unlike Apprentice adults, supposedly already winners in the workplace and usually an egotistical bunch of narcissists who think nothing of back-stabbing their way to the top, the sweet, earnest teen wannabes have so far remained well-mannered, fair and honest.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

About what the world of work and the pursuit of an ever-bigger salary does to bring out the worst in people.