Youngsters call for lower voting age

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Young people joined a demonstration calling for the voting age to be dropped to 16.

More than 100 people from Barnsley took part in the demonstration outside Parliament.

Barnsley youth councillors Pegah Moulana, Thomas Yems and Chloe Briscoe – all under 18 so unable to vote in national elections – took part to represent the views of the borough’s young people.

Thomas said: “Although the movement for voting at 16 is a contentious issue, even among young people, it is primarily the reason young people aged 16 and 17 claim not to know enough about politics and the political system.

“We spent the first part of the day demonstrating in front of Parliament, broadcasting our views loud and clear, and during the second part of the day had numerous conversations with different MPs and Lords, debating and discussing the merits and disadvantages in allowing young people to vote.”