Young Sheffield autistic man ‘determined’ not to let heartless arsonists win

Luke Hectors allotment which was burnt down
Luke Hectors allotment which was burnt down
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A young autistic man whose Sheffield allotment was burned to ashes says he is ‘determined’ not to let the heartless yobs responsible win.

Last month we reported that Luke Hector, aged 24, was ‘devastated beyond words’ after arsonists burned down his allotment in Mosborough.

Luke Hector who's allotment at Mosborough was burnt down

Luke Hector who's allotment at Mosborough was burnt down

After receiving a call that his allotment was on fire Luke hurried back to his ‘pride and joy’ and found that months of hard work – and £500 worth of tools – had gone up in smoke.

At the time, Luke said he would never have an allotment again after being so heartbroken.

But in the wake of the publicity, Luke received an offer from a lady in Sheffield who has a new plot of land he can work on.

Sheffield autistic charity Sparkle Sheffield has also launched a fundraising campaign so Luke can replace the tools that were burned.

Luke, of Lowedges, said: “At the time I didn’t want to do another allotment. After working on my old one every day for months, I was devastated when it was burned down.

“But I’m determined not to let the people who burned it down to win, so I’m starting again.”

The Star has decided not to disclose the exact location of Luke’s new allotment for fear the same yobs will seek to ruin it again.

Luke added: “I’m really grateful to everybody who has come to help me after what happened. It really does mean a lot.

“I’m very happy to have a new place I can work on and if the fundraising campaign goes well I will have some proper tools to do it with.”

Liesje Dusauzay, founder of Sparkle Sheffield, said one of the parents who uses the charity alerted staff to what happened.

Liesje said: “We were so shocked and upset when we read the article and that’s why we’ve decided to raise some money for Luke.

“I’d urge everybody to dig deep and help Luke out.

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