Young people of Sheffield unite for the climate and their futures

The young people of Sheffield are taking action in calling out the government to act on the climate crisis - and they mean business.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 3:17 pm
Sheffield Youth come to protest for actions to take place to fight climate change.

Teenagers left lessons again today to protest for their futures outside the Town Hall.

The crowd of young people who came to protest called for the government to act on the climate crisis and asked for their futures to be considered.

Sheffield's youth come to protest for action to be made for climate change

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Patrick Wakefield, 14, said: “Youth today feel an extreme injustice in what’s happening and how our futures are being decided for us not by us but by someone who we’ve never met and will never meet us.”

He went on to say that the global superpowers, businessmen and politicians would never see how their decisions would affect today's youngsters when they become adults.

Many of the students protesting knew each other from previous demonstrations and came from a wide range of schools and neighbourhoods.

They had spread the message about today's event, which was replicated across the country, through social media and word of mouth.

Patrick, who gave a speech on the Town Hall steps, said: “These conversations need to be had, people need to be convinced but also you need to be able to see that people around you are here to support you and that doesn’t always happen on social media."