Young Greens wing back for third time

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A group for young people and students interested in the Green Party has been refounded for the third time.

The Sheffield Young Greens and Green Students Party hopes to set up two self-sufficient groups in the city’s universities, as well as campaigning to improve voter apathy among young people.

It has been re-established after the previous group - set up by now Sheffield Green councillor Brian Webster and his wife when they were at university - came to an end.

The very first group was set up around seven years ago.

Aodan Marken, head of the new party, told The Star: “There is the demand for this because of the rise of extremist parties and a deep level of apathy towards politics. The Green Party is an alternative.”

The Green Party - which elected its first councillor in Sheffield 10 years ago - doubled its number of councillors in May’s local elections.

One of them was Coun Webster, who now represents Broomhill and has also been involved in putting together the new youth wing.

University of Sheffield facilities worker Aodan, aged 23, said: “Our first major project this year will be to encourage self-sufficient groups in both the universities, and before the elections we want to design and deliver a leaflet to all student households just to let people know their rights.

“A lot of students don’t realise they can vote here in local elections, as well as at their home.

“When I was speaking to people it was a big shock to them.”

The group is open to people from Sheffield and the surrounding areas who are under the age of 30.

n For more details or to get in touch, email or search for the group on Twitter and Facebook.