Young cousins show honesty is the best policy

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TWO young cousins who found an envelope of cash on a tram and handed it into police have been awarded certificates of commendation for their honesty.

Benjamin Sibanda, aged 12, and his 14-year-old cousin Larissa Andrews found £120 as they made their way home after a trip to Meadowhall.

The honest pair took the money to the inquiry desk at South Yorkshire Police HQ in Snig Hill and handed it in.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “A 14-year-old girl, who had been on her way to Meadowhall with friends to spend her birthday money has since claimed the money. She was heartbroken to think that she had lost such a large amount of cash.”

Benjamin, of Handsworth, a pupil at Handsworth Christian School and Larissa, a King Edward VII pupil, of City Road, Norfolk Park, were awarded a District Commander’s commendation by Chief Superintendent Simon Torr, who praised their “honesty and public-spiritedness” and for making the girl’s day.

The pair attended a presentation at Attercliffe Police station and were also given a ride in a police car.

Larissa’s mum Victoria Andrews said: “We are very proud of them for handing it in. A lot of people wouldn’t have been so honest.”

Benjamin said: “I’d never seen that much money before - I was shocked. We took it to the police station and the girl claimed it back. It felt really good to receive the certificate and I enjoyed the ride in the police car.”