Young boys praised after helping walk elderly man home after fall in Sheffield suburb

A group of young boys have been praised for helping walk an elderly man home after he fell injuring his head and hands in a Sheffield suburb.

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 20:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 20:37 pm
The boys helped the elderly man home along an alleyway near Firth Park library

Mo Al-Shaebi, 44, got off the bus in the centre of Firth Park on Monday evening when he saw a commotion in an alleyway next to the library.

However, what he saw after that humbled him.

The boys helped the elderly man home along an alleyway near Firth Park library

An elderly man had fallen over, suffering cuts to both his head and hands but, with their hands under his shoulders, a group of young boys had picked him up and phoned an ambulance.

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They then proceeded to walk him home, supporting him along the way.

Keen for others to witness the act of kindness Mo, who is originally from Firth Park himself, grabbed his phone and videoed the scene before sharing it on Facebook.

In the post, he said: “Before we judge the youth and paint them in a negative picture. I came off the bus at firth park. Just before I got there an old man had fallen and cut his head and arms.

“The youths got on the phone to an ambulance and walked the guy home. This is what community is about. Nuff [sic] respect to these kids”

Mo’s post has now been shared over 2,000 times, with dozens of people sharing their messages of gratitude towards to youngsters.

Moira Igo said: “How nice to see the kids treating the elderly like this. I’ve not seen this kind of respect shown since I was a young woman. Well done lads proud of you whoever you are.”

Sammie Woolley said: “Well done lads. Respect to you all. Not enough of these sort of youths around any more.”

Lee Clift said: “Fair play to the young lads just goes to show they are not all bad. Hope the man makes a quick recovery, their parents should be proud of their children’s actions.”

After speaking to others in the area, Mo and the community are now hoping to identify those in the group so they can reward them for their good deed.

Mo added: “It is a tough neighbourhood, and kids never get a mention for the good things they do. The video has received lots of really positive comments.

“The local community want to give credit to the boys, and put funds together for a trip or to do something for them.

“We want to find out who they are, or even if we contact their schools just so we can credit them personally. We just want to arrange something nice for them.”