Young Alice is an inspiration

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THERE are plenty who queue up to criticise young people, so we are delighted to report on an 11-year-old who can rightly be called exceptional. Alice Motley was such a success on a health and activity programme that she was nominated as a project mentor.

Now others follow in her footsteps on the Watch It scheme, helping overweight and obese children. Experts say if the youngsters can stick to a healthy diet and do more exercise, their confidence and self-esteem is boosted.

Alice was backed by her family who used Watch It as a starting point for what they ate and how much exercise they did. Now Alice is a Watch It champ and can help others of her age, a key stage in a youngster’s life when they make choices which can shape the habits of a lifetime.

Mum Jill has every right to be proud of the commitment Alice has shown and is keen to recommend the scheme. And with children like Alice helping to promote, we are sure other youngsters can only benefit from its demands.

Timely moment to praise businesses

THERE are hundreds of successful black, Asian and ethnic minority businesses across South Yorkshire. They have got their heads down focused on what is needed to ensure success continues and, as a result, they probably don’t get the recognition – or the opportunity to have their opinions reflected in the region’s business development plans.

That’s why a new partnership between the city’s Chamber of Commerce and ABDN – the ethnic minorities business network – is great news for them and the region.

It acknowledges the contribution these businesses and entrepreneurs who set them up make to the region’s economic success and recognises that there are even bigger prizes to be won.

Apt, too, that is comes as Indian owned steel giant Tata is investing in equipment and job creation – including the recruitment of new apprentices.

Don’t win all time

THE beautiful thing about the pub quiz is you can never really lose. For sure, at the end of the night only one team walks away with the bag of meat or gallon of ale, but there’s no doubt every player is a winner. It’s an activity that brings communities together, strengthens social bonds and boosts trade for a local business - all while giving the old grey cells a work out. It is truly an activity where it is the taking part that counts.

News, therefore, that a couple of Sheffielders have carried out research into the perfect pub quiz team is intriguing indeed - although perhaps we should be cautious to know the results. For if you have the perfect team and you win every week, that’s one fewer excuse to keep going back and practising.