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We all love the underdog, don’t we - the guy who stands 5’ 10”, but takes on others who are 6’ 2” or 6’ 3”.

It’s why we loved the Duke, Tommy Plommer and it’s why Ryan Finnerty so quickly became an integral part of our club. We see Jason Hewitt year after year dig in and do whatever is necessary to help this club win. Hewey may not have the biggest stature, but he has the biggest heart.

Dave Simms

Dave Simms

Let me add another name to that list. It’s early for comparisons, I know, but Pascal Morency showed on Sunday in Cardiff that if you intend to mess with the Steelers, mess with his team and team mates, then you are going to have to go through him first.

Now before we start, Pascal Morency isn’t the toughest all-time Steeler. In fact, he probably wouldn’t make the top 10, but it’s not about that. It’s about the desire to get involved, protect your teammates, show the opposition that we won’t be bullied. It’s about standing up to the bully in the play ground.

Sure, the bully might be bigger than you but he is picking on one of the weaker guys and that isn’t right, is it? Whether that be on the playground or on the ice.

Morency, like those guys before him, is the guy who will go and explain, industrially, to the bully that he is about to get a “thick ear” himself. Several times, Morency got involved with what many believe are the toughest team in the Elite League this year in Cardiff. Several times he became an irritating rash to the Devils, never once stepping down. The eventually fight happened and despite the height and weight advantage the Devils had, Morency never once turned away from the encounter. He was showing his team mates that he was there for them. He was showing us that he was there for us all. You’ve gotta like that haven’t you.

Morency took 1124 penalty minutes during his junior career. Add almost 500 to that in his spell in the American league: this is Morency’s job. It’s what he does, it’s what he gets paid for. His role on the team is to win, to be smart not stupid, to pick his moments but to unleash hell on the opposition at the right time. He isn’t a young guy making his way, trying to be the new agitator. This is an experienced pro who has done this job at the highest level.

I saw enough in Cardiff last Sunday to think that this bloke will do for me. I like what he brings to the Steelers, some steel. Jason Hewitt was at his best when Ryan Finnerty was in the side. Hewey fed off the energy of Finner, I felt. I feel the same this time around. This is Hewey’s club, a 10 year veteran. He doesn’t need some new guy coming in leading the charge. Watch Hewey this season, he will have a stand out year and part of that will be down to the Morency factor.

Steelers’ good news and results on the ice have been dampened with the bad news about their home ice at the Arena. Still today, the problem hasn’t been fully identified. Fingers crossed it will be in time for next weeks game against Belfast. This Saturday’s game had to be moved from the Arena to iceSheffield, at five days notice. Just a minefield with tickets already sold, season tickets and change of venue. Thank you for everyone’s patience - mind you, if you had moaned we would have just sent Morency and Hewitt around to explain.

Industrially, of course!