You want to know why The Star costs more - here’s our answer

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The more we all get used to our new-look Star the more in-depth feedback I am getting from readers.

Some love it and yes, we admit, some hate it - but there is one issue that you want to tackle head on. Why has the price of The Star increased?

Good question. As Readers’ Champion I promised to answer all your questions so let’s not hide from it.

The facts are the price of The Star increased in April to 65p - but the decision was not taken lightly.

Editor Jeremy Clifford said: “We took the decision reluctantly to put up the price because of the increased costs of production and because of a slight downturn in advertising income due to the state of the economy.

“We were therefore faced with a choice to either increase the charge for advertising which was not feasible, reduce the number of pages we produce which we didn’t think represented value for money, or increase the cost we ask readers to pay.

“To offset that we have reintroduced a subscription offer which actually makes the cost of The Star cheaper six days a week. That also helps us as a business because we have a committed sale of the paper.

“That money goes towards paying for our journalists to produce the news to a quality and volume that no other media organisation in South Yorkshire provides.

“One example is that only The Star could have launched a campaign this week to fight the Government’s plans to take away the ability for us to protect the name of Sheffield in this city. It is because of the quality of the journalism and the forcefulness of the campaign we ran that, within two days of launching it, Nick Clegg has intervened to ensure this madcap idea doesn’t progress.

“That is what you get when you buy The Star - great value for money. We have increased the number of pages we produce and we maintain the largest number of journalists reporting in this city of any organisation. We appreciate that we are asking people to pay more, and that decision wasn’t taken lightly.”