You share your views on the new Moor Markets

25 Nov 2013....The Moor Market in Sheffield opens for business.Picture Scott Merrylees.
25 Nov 2013....The Moor Market in Sheffield opens for business.Picture Scott Merrylees.
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A new era began in Sheffield this week as the Moor Markets opened its doors for the first time.

The £18million new home for the city’s fresh fruit and veg, fish and meat traders attracted a lot of attention.

Here are some of the comments you posted on the Star’s website:

n trevor3521

Have no doubt, if this market has even a modicum of success, the council will claim all accolades. Then, that being the case, they will jack the stallholders rents up and up, finally driving down the quality of retailers.

It’s what Labour does.

Watch this space!

n NEDerbys

I really do hope the market succeeds. For the traders, and the shoppers.

But I also think that Sheffield has just added it’s latest architectural monstrosity.

n GordonL

I noted comments being made about whether the new market hall is going to be as good as the previous. Some 50 odd years ago I remember the same comments being made when the Old Norfolk Hall was demolished and the now defunct market hall was built. I no longer live in the UK but still keep up with the Sheffield news. We will be visiting next year and look forward to viewing the new market.

n Sheffielderinthesouth

Myself and the other half went in today to have a look around.

We think it’s a fantastic place. Modern yet still retains the feel of a “market” - by that I mean real people, traders and atmosphere and not a stuck up hovel like Camden market in London has become!

So many different stalls and vendors along with some fantastic butchers and bakers. How people can moan about this place opening is beyond me. I hope the Castle area now has a bit of money spent on it but something tells me that will take years to happen. In the meantime, Sainsburys’ ‘butchers’ has lost my custom and the new market has gained two very happy new customers. Here’s to supporting local Sheffield traders!

n damnblast

Having a shufty around the place this morning, although it is clean and new and will bring some benefits I don’t think it will create a transformation of market trading in Sheffield. What would be better is to allow other niche markets, and allow farmers’ markets to trade on days other than Sunday. I cannot see the foccacia buyers queuing up there very long.

Sheffield City Council is under severe pressure to cut costs and raise revenue in these austere times.

It needs to stop putting too much pressure on the retailers by increasing rents, rates and parking charges.

n Sherlockk

Instead of thinking the place will be full of Chavs and druggies like some people, I see this as a great way to support local farmers and buy local fresh produce. I’d rather buy locally-grown produce instead of the supermarket stuff that rots within a day or two.


The Star’s front page on Wednesday featured four Sheffield thugs jailed for terrorizing a housing estate last New Year’s Eve when they stabbed victims and shot a teenager in the stomach.

We asked if you thought the combined jail sentence of 30 years was tough enough for the crimes committed.

This is what you had to say on The Star’s Facebook page.

n Zoe West Was Evans

Do the right sentances ever get handed to criminals? That’s a big fat NO

n Derek Leigh

Will it make a difference? NO.

n Mark Salvin

No, should have been longer

n Susan Beardow

Can’t see the point in asking what the public think. Nothing ever changes.

n Pam Killinger

Should definitely be longer, but Canada and Britain I think have the lowest sentences in the world, unlike the US. These guys should have received a minimum of 25 years each.