You’re more likely to be struck by lightning

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Our great city is famous for being one of the most tree-lined cities in the UK, and The Star has always been proud to point this out.

It was therefore surprising to see on Friday, March 7, your editor implying that any suggestion of planting a tree to replace one which has been felled, is to “heap pressure upon” the council. He justifies his comment by suggesting that planting a replacement somehow causes a delay in felling the tree. This can only be true when time runs in reverse.

The tree in question was very rotten and totally dead, whereas all the recent controversy has been about trees which were obviously safe and only just beginning to decline. Some would last for another 50 years before becoming unsafe.

Despite the recent incident, the likelihood of being killed by a fallen tree in a public place is 1 in 20 million, so you are slightly more likely to be struck by lightning.


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