You need a history lesson

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So calling Cameron posh and the Tories nasty makes us obnoxious, does it Steve?

Well, my grandfather went on the Jarrow March and “walked” to London, and what did the then Tory PM, Mr Churchill tell his lackey to tell the miners?

“Let them eat grass, they’ll soon go back to work.”

Margaret Thatcher and the Nasty party destroyed the steel industry and mining communities and didn’t take a backwards glance .

Now we’ve got that smirking hatchet man Iain Duncan Smith and his dreaded bedroom tax causing people to commit suicide, and he does not care a jot.

None of them do because “they’re all right Jack”, they’ll never need a food bank or wonder how to pay their bills .

The list is endless – the NHS, taking away our voice, anti-trade union law.

If we hadn’t fought for that the working class would still be like Oliver Twist asking our bloated bosses “Please sir can I have some more”.

If you’re working class and a Tory, Steve, well you should have a good history lesson mate.



Labour lost the election because we didn’t have a charismatic leader who the people could trust.