You’d be potty to miss this bus

'Huggies Pull-ups' bus calling at Asda Handsworth to promote babycare
'Huggies Pull-ups' bus calling at Asda Handsworth to promote babycare
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Mums and dads can pick up advice on potty training and infant hygiene at a Sheffield supermarket today.

The Huggies Pull-ups Potty Training Bus will be outside the Asda store at Handsworth as part of a UK-wide tour.

The American-style, yellow school bus will pull up at the supermarket offering parents and children the chance to learn all about potty training, day and night, in a fun and interactive environment.

On board, there will be a mini bathroom splash play area, a mock-up bedroom and before leaving everyone will have their first ever instant graduation photo.

Experts will be on hand throughout the day offering advice and top tips – and free Huggies samples will also be available.

Potty training expert and psychologist, Emma Kenny, said: “Potty training doesn’t have to be an area of contention or anxiety for parents and help is available for parents with any queries.

“The bus brings a fun and engaging element to children’s potty training – the first big step in your son or daughter’s development.”

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