‘You are not safe anywhere’ - residents’ fears as gunman on loose in Sheffield

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Workers and residents caught up in the chaos as police search for a gunman in Sheffield this morning have spoken of their fears.

A man was seen with a gun entering a disused brewery in Neepsend Lane, Neepsend, at 5.15am today.

Officers are now searching the area looking for him and armed police are involved in the operation, while major roads nearby are closed.

Stephen Younger, aged 57 and from Clowne, works at Credit Style nearby.

He said: “He could be anywhere. This is so disturbing.

“Unfortunately it is the way of the world these days - you are not safe anywhere.”

His colleague Georgia Fletcher, aged 19, added: “It’s normally quiet here, to have a gunman on the loose is worrying and scary.

“You just don’t know who is carrying a weapon these days, it is frightening.”

Local resident Ben Monnie, aged 38, added: “It’s concerning that there a gun man reported at large, this is a major bus route and a residential area there are lots of young people and families.

“It’s normally very quiet here. I’m quite shocked, I have only lived in Sheffield for 18 months and gun crime here isn’t something I have heard of.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “There is currently a high police presence in the Neepsend Lane area of the city and there is significant disruption for traffic and pedestrians due to a number of closed roads.

“Reports were received at around 5.15am this morning that a man had been seen with what is believed to be firearm, entering a disused brewery at the back of Neepsend Lane.

“Officers were immediately deployed and secured the scene.

“The area being searched for the man within the brewery and disused land is vast, and to ensure the public’s safety while this carried out a number of roads have been cordoned off and will remain closed throughout the morning

“The junctions at Penistone Road and Rutland Road onto Neepsend Lane are both closed as well as Burton Road and Douglas Road.

“Please avoid this area this morning if possible as traffic will be significantly heavier than usual and delays are very likely.”

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