Yorkshire Water named one of best water companies in UK

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Yorkshire Water has been named as one of only two water companies in the UK to reduce leakage last year.

The figures – based on the amount of leakage as a percentage of the water supplied – appear in this week’s Utility Week magazine and show that leakage in Yorkshire reduced by 0.41% during 2012-13 when compared to 2011-12. The only other water company to reduce its leakage was Severn Trent.

Tony O’Shea, Yorkshire Water’s leakage manager said: “We’re obviously pleased with this performance which showed that we reduced leakage by a further 7Mld (millions of litres per day) last year and out turned 30Mld below target, but we’re not resting on our laurels.

“Water which is lost from the system is effectively water we have paid to treat and move around the supply system without anyone getting any benefit from it, and we want to ensure that this happens as little as possible.”

In its fight against lost water the company has totally overhauled how it monitors, responds to and anticipates leakage. This has included millions of pounds of investment in new technology, improved monitoring of the network and higher standards of repair than ever before.

“We have various ways of detecting and anticipating leakage,” Tony continues, “including technology which alerts us to changes in pressure in some of our biggest pipes, as well as skilled technicians who can literally listen to a pipe to determine whether it’s leaking and how close to the leak they are.

“We do, however, need help from Yorkshire folk to be our eyes and ears by reporting leaks when they see them so that we can respond to and fix them as soon as possible.”

The water company maintains 19,500 miles of clean water pipes – enough to go to Australia and back if laid end to end.