Yorkshire Water helps salmon project in Sheffield

A project to re-introduce salmon into Sheffield city centre for the first time in over 100 years has been supported with a £45,000 grant from Yorkshire Water.

The money has been given to the Don Catchment River Trust and will be used to create a ‘fish super highway’ between the River Don in Sheffield and spawning grounds high up in the Pennines.

The project will involve creating fish passages on weirs that currently block salmon from swimming upstream to spawning ground. The weirs were built decades ago to harness water power for industrial or navigational purposes.

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Mark Tinsdeall, Environmental Assessment Manager at Yorkshire Water said: “The River Don used to be teeming with Salmon but since the end of the nineteenth century they have largely died out and currently none are present in the city centre. By working closely with the Don Catchment River Trust we will enhance the river environment and water quality to help encourage a return of this fantastic fish species back to the city centre once more.”

Yorkshire Water is investing £60m over the next five years to remove the obstacles preventing fish migration and to improve water quality. Yorkshire Water