YORKSHIRE: VIDEO - Car lands on its roof after skidding in snowy weather before crashing into a house

West Yorkshire homeowner Richard Lythe told how he had just nipped to the loo at around 5.30am and was settling back into bed when he heard an almighty bang.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 2:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 2:26 pm
The dramatic accident was captured on CCTV

Amazing CCTV footage shows the car spinning around and the moment of impact.

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The 71-year-old said: "You hear how people feel vibrations, but there was none of that, it was just an almighty bang and then it was over.

"I said: 'What was that?' and the wife said: 'I think something must have hit the side of the house'."

Retired engineer Richard quickly got some clothes on and got a torch to go out of the house to see a car had hit the gable end of his 45ft four bed bungalow. Luckily it hadn't hit the room he and Judith, a 66-year-old retired receptionist, were sleeping in, but the room next to it.