Yob set vicious terrier on Good Samaritan

Tyrone Metcalfe - jailed for vicious attack in Rotherham
Tyrone Metcalfe - jailed for vicious attack in Rotherham
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A VIOLENT thug is behind bars after deliberately setting his vicious dog on a Good Samaritan, causing him horrific injuries.

The community-spirited resident spotted 25-year-old Tyrone Donald Metcalfe loitering around an old electricity sub-station on a South Yorkshire business park.

When he approached Metcalfe, concerned he was up to no good, the thug punched him repeatedly, pinned him to the ground - and ordered his bull terrier-type dog to attack.

The man, aged 39, was savaged, suffering deep bite wounds to his forearm, which later needed surgery.

He escaped only after nearby workers heard his screams and ran to intervene.

Police arrested Metcalfe, seized his dog and arranged for it to be kept in kennels while detectives investigated.

But the kennels were broken into that night and, out of 140 dogs kept there, it was the only one stolen. It has never been seen since.

Metcalfe was lurking around Kilnhurst Business Park, Glasshouse Lane, Kilnhurst, Rotherham, last August.

Det Con Iain Martin, said: “The victim was concerned the man was trying to steal.

“He challenged him and Metcalfe jumped from the roof of an old sub-station and knocked him to the ground.

“He played a part in pinning the man down and punching him before setting his dog on him.

“The victim ended up with his right arm being severely injured by the dog - he needed surgery and stitches afterwards.

“This was a totally unprovoked, sustained attack on a member of the public who had shown community spirit by challenging a group of men he knew should not have been around that sub-station.

“He did not deserve this.”

Metcalfe, of Elder Drive, Sunnyside, Rotherham, pleaded guilty to wounding.

He was sentenced to 33 months behind bars.