Yo, yo, listen up to the Nativity y’all...

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I LOVE beatboxing vicar Gavin Tyte, who rose to fame this week after choosing to spread his festive message...through the medium of rap.

The 40-year-old reverend and former professional beatboxer, became an online sensation after the video of his Christmas sermon got 17,000 views in three weeks.

His ‘Beatbox Bible’ sees him rapping and beating the story of the nativity on a split-screen, while dressed as an angel, a shepherd and a narrator.

Some of the best lines include: ‘Now Joseph was a member of David’s kin, he made a steer for Judea and Bethlehem.

‘He went down from the town of Nazareth in Galilee, taking his fiancée, Mary near delivery.

‘And during their stay, nature had its way, put the date in the diary for the King’s birthday.

‘While out in the ballpark, she hit a home run. Mary gave birth to her first-born son.

‘No hotel, motel, no custom baby-changer. She wrapped the baby up and laid him in a manger.’

The Rev apparently decided to make the video after his congregation responded well to a live version he performed last Christmas.

“I had feedback that people wanted an HD version with subtitles so I set about creating a video that could be played in churches and youth clubs,” said the East Devon vicar.

I have to agree oh-so-strongly with one chap who commented: ‘if the people of the world don’t love this, there’s something wrong with them.’