Yet another of Nick Clegg’s empty promises

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On Bank Holiday Monday the wife and I went for a walk. We decided to go to the Forge Dam at Fulwood. It was six months since we last went there and the condition of the dam was fairly bad then. It was silting over, but on seeing it again we were quite shocked to see it in such a disgusting state.

It was once noted as one of the nicest, most beautiful spots in Sheffield, adjacent to the Mayfield Valley. I remember it when it was well stocked with trout, perch and roach, a haven for fishermen. Now you’ll be lucky if you see any fish. There used to be rowing boats on the dam, which was very popular. It was a lovely place to visit, but not now.

I remember Nick Clegg promising a few years ago to get it cleaned up. Nothing done. Another one of his empty promises. In five years or less there will be no water in the dam. The wildlife will disappear and it will be a desolate mudbank.


Westminster Estate, Sheffield