Yes, ginger hair can be red-hot

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Every red-headed woman I know is passionate.

About the fact that she hates her flame-coloured hair.

While L’Oreal and the like make a fortune out of helping the rest of us turn everything from plum to burgundy, russett to auburn, those who are naturally blessed with a hint of ginger feel like mingers.

Unless you are one, it doesn’t make any sense.

Might the prospect of being able to join a dating website where every potential mate is someone who would like to love flame-haired folk persuade them they’re red-hot stuff?

Hot for Ginger aims to put singles in touch with redheads, gingers, auburns, strawberry blondes and everything in between.

It’s aiming for a database of over 30,000 singles in the UK and USA.

Founder Marc Crouch, a natural redhead from London, says he hopes championing the ginger cause will increase positive attitudes.


As my beautiful niece will testify, reds are still targets for stupid little schoolgirls with boring brown hair.

Though Crouch isn’t as altruistic as he sounds.

He’s also set up a sister site called Hot for Blonde...