Yellow lines blunder is branded waste of cash

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Caption here: This is the style for captions, it finishes with a full stop.
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OOPS! Council workers had to remove new double yellow lines on a stretch of Sheffield road - just two days after they had been laid.

The restrictions on Mosborough High Street, which also included white lines for parking spaces, had been painted before a legal order had been passed meaning they could not be enforced.

But once the parking restrictions come into force, workmen will be back out for a third time - to repaint the lines all over again.

Mosborough Lib Dem Coun Gail Smith has complained about the error and the cost to taxpayers.

She said: “People are thinking, like I did, that the council has gone crazy. One day they put the lines down and then two days later they come along and took them up

“Someone has made a big mistake and at what cost to the council taxpayer?

“The law says the processes of traffic regulations, has to be adhered too, before any work can take place, that is the law. That is why the lines have had to come out.”

Businesses were also concerned about the blunder.

Karen Stone, of Van Hoof opticians on High Street, said: “It’s definitely a bit of a waste of money.”

Another trader said: “I don’t know why they’ve made the mistake.”

Sheffield Council said the project had been put on to a work schedule to ensure it was carried out quickly.

The Traffic Regulation Order for the restrictions had taken longer than expected to approve but the job had not been removed from the works diary.

The council said yellow lines had been requested to provide spaces for people to use local businesses and control dangerous parking.

The cost of removing and repainting the lines was ‘minimal’.

A spokeswoman said: “This was simply an error on our part and we apologise for any confusion caused. As soon as we were aware of the mistake the lines were removed.

“Nobody received a parking fine during this period. I think we can all agree that sometimes mistakes happen.”