Years have proved Powell was right over immigration

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I was interested to read the article ‘We need to fight extremism’ by Star columnist Patrick Meleady (Star October 29), in which he says there is a resurgence of extremism and hate crime on the streets of South Yorkshire and Britain as a whole.

While no one can condone physical or verbal abuse being directed at anyone no matter what race, religion or colour, we must ask ourselves how this sad situation has come about.

Mr Meleady doesn’t mention the fact that huge numbers of people have been arriving on our shores who don’t abide by our laws and traditions and seem to think the indigenous population of Great Britain has to alter their ways to suit them.

Suddenly many communities across the country have found themselves swamped by these new arrivals who live in a way that is alien to us and show no signs of integrating into the British way of life.

If communities are subjected to such provocation by an influx of newcomers who demand an array of services we cannot provide and introduce all sorts of anti-social behaviour to a previously peaceful area then we must not be surprised when there is an eruption of hostility and anger.

Unfortunately this will also inevitably lead to many innocent people being targeted and violence amongst whole communities.

Many years ago Enoch Powell predicted what would happen in our country if uncontrolled immigration was allowed to continue but he was vilified and accused of racism.

Time has proved him right and that he wasn’t a racist but a realist who could see the outcome of letting hoards of people descend on our already overcrowded island.

Why did no one listen?

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, S10