Wybourn is under a state of siege

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WE at Wybourn are now living more or less under siege of two factions – the gangs and the police.

We have had to endure this behaviour for years now with little or no help from police.

We have had problem tenants being dumped here, not just from other estates but other cities as well.

Where I live there has been constant drug dealing openly day and night on the street which has gone unchallenged by police but not the tenants who have sought police help, but get little or no response.

Myself and my neighbours even clubbed together to form a neighbourhood watch.

The only people who showed little enthusiasm were the police, who promised to help us set it up.

After two years we are still waiting for them to turn up, despite reminding them many times of their promise.

We have recently had more anti-social crime inflicted on us.

Some people have had windows smashed, garden sheds looted, air rifles fired at windows and cars damaged.

Police haven’t even bothered turning up to investigate, instead preferring to extend their usual pithy response of an incident number which really should be crime references, as the incident numbers allow them to massage the true crime figures.

We are constantly told there isn’t enough manpower to patrol regularly.

If that is so where have all the officers that are now on the streets come from?

Also DCI Zaf Ali claims that the police are there to protect us. Nobody at Wybourn believes him.

There may be plenty of officers on the estate now, but many here believe it is too little too late.

The gangs now have a foothold because they have been allowed to.

Also noticeable has been the absence of the local MP Paul Blomfield and the local Labour councillors who could have been up here reassuring tenants and listening to their concerns instead of remaining unobtrusive.

You can guarantee they’ll be visible next month – we have a local election or am I just an old cynic?

Name and address supplied

No end to stupid bills

YIPPEE. I have just said goodbye to a lady who has informed me of the new government reform bill.

What she has not told me is how we, the electorate, want MPs money frozen and their pay investigated by a public body made up of working class people.

We also want a review of the gold-plated pensions with no exemptions.

After what the last load of idiots did to the people of this country is there no end to their stupid proposals?

Frank Hardy

Left black and blue

Now that Sheffield Council have confirmed that black bin collection will be fortnightly rather than weekly, could the council and Veolia, reorganise the system of black bin on Monday and blue bin/box on alternate Wednesdays.

Would it not make sense, and make it easier to remember, for the black bin to be collected one week and the blue bin to be collected on the same day the following week in place of the usual black bin collection.

Rather better than the system whereby it is, black bin on Monday – no bin the following Monday, blue bin on Wednesday – no bin the following Wednesday.

It would save us all from having to keep calendar notes about which bin, which day, which week!

Hackenthorpe Resident

Cut top earners’ pay

I AGREE with Coun Shaffaq Mohammed in cutting the top 35 high earners’ pay by 50% and see how many will leave.

If they do, goodbye, promote people who worked under them on a new pay structure.

You mentioned that some have gone but on what terms? Early retirement lump sum, redunduncy package and a pension.

P Sheldon


I WAS gobsmacked the other morning when I opened my post.

I had written to the Government’s niceness tsar Nick Clegg warning him to be aware of possible abuse of his scheme to pay employers for taking on unemployed young people. Most employers are kindly disposed but there can be rogues.

My post included a letter from Mr Clegg’s caseworker suggesting that, as I was not a constituent, I might like trying to write to my own MP. This would be a waste of time, as I and Paul Blomfield are on the same wavelength.

Am I not allowed to write to the deputy PM? Is this democracy? Nick Clegg and his coalition impinge quite forcibly on my life. Am I not allowed to impinge on theirs?

Bernard Branch, Charnley Avenue, S11