WRVS losing contract

How sad to learn that after more than 30 years serving patients at the Hallamshire and Northern General the WRVS have lost their contract for running cafes at these two hospitals which will now go to a London firm.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15 February, 2018, 05:39
Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield The WRVS trolley service - 25th November 1980

What bright spark of a pen-pusher has come up with this stupid idea? I am sure all those like myself who have attended hospital appointments over the years have found the WRVS has provided an excellent and efficient service during all this time with their dedicated volunteers giving that extra kindly word which means a lot whether you are a patient or just a hospital visitor.

We must not forget, (as an interesting article in Retro pointed out), that this wonderful service, formerly known as the WVS, was founded in 1938 and is the largest voluntary organisation in British history which has made an invaluable contribution not only in peacetime but during the war and also assisting people caught up in natural disasters like the Sheffield hurricane of 1962.

These friendly and helpful people will be sadly missed and I really cannot imagine how a London firm can provide a better or more cost-effective service and no doubt we will see greatly inflated prices when popping into the hospital cafes in future.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescen, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

PC or not PC

It seems to me that each day we hear more news about how careful we must be in how we describe people, professions and general gender issues. At school, admittedly more than a few moons ago, we were taught that the term mankind referred to all the folk on earth… women and men. Although a Biblical reference it has a reality about it.

We now have to say chairperson rather than chairman and spokesperson rather than spokesman. These are now dozens of such, so called, gender neutral, terms. The original titles are, in my opinion neutral and quite adequate.

Some years ago, on behalf of a Sheffield client, I was placing a job advert for a regional salesman they required in Scotland, in a Scottish newspaper. The ad went off, by post in those days. The newspaper rejected the ad…” We can’t accept that…you must advertise for a Sales Person” I was told. “You change the name of your paper and I’ll change the title of the job”, I replied. The newspaper was (and still is!)…The Scotsman. I lost.

Established professions such as Doctor, Dentist, Solicitor, Nurse, Engineer, Politician, Vicar, Florist, Accountant, Hairdresser, Vet and Actor (recently) are safely neutral. Doubtless we will soon lose the postman, dustman and policeman.

The BBC have a daily radio show called “Women’s Hour”... how on earth do they get away with that in these PC days? Has there ever been a suggestion by miffed males to call it “Person’s Hour”? Not that I’m aware of.

I just wonder when some church going PC person will object to singing hymns!

Equal pay and opportunity for both sexes are a must, but let’s bring some sanity to other gender issues.

Jeremy Biggin

Upperthorpe, Sheffield

Politics or fantasy?

I thank B Heaton for replying to my letter and would like to apologise. I had thought that their letter of February 2, was from someone seeking to make a serious point i.e that Brexit was in large part introduced to reduce potential tax bills for friends of the Conservatives, a view which they could support if questioned.

Had I realised that it was the product of I assume a conspiracy theorist who could not provide a shred of proof for their claim I would not have wasted their time asking. I don’t wish to seem harsh but I really cannot think of another description for someone who says I’ve told you what’s going on, if you want proof go and find it you’re not having mine.

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As BH, (if I may), has now invoked Anna Soubry to support the claim in the original letter might I ask the place, date and time of the speech Ms Soubry made in which she said that Brexit was a ploy by the Conservative party to save its rich friends some tax or are you simply thrashing around and throwing names in?

Alternatively is it possible for you to supply positive proof of the existence of Nessie and precise directions to the location of Camelot, (not the musical)? I think this is more likely.

Stephen Crowther


Give us some facts

I see B Heaton is still reading that ‘red rag’ The Guardian if his non-answers to S Crowther is anything to go by, (Letters page, February 9).

He could not give one figure asked for, hiding behind the reason that his missives are subject to censorship, not on these pages they are not.

He mentions undemocratic Anna Soubry, ha! ha! We all remember her in Cabinet before she was ousted, enough said about that nasty piece of work. As for a MINORITY of extremists running the Tory party? What a load of balderdash.

Please B Heaton give us some facts and NOT from Marxist Corbyn and ‘lynch them’ McDonnell’s favourite newspaper.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

The boy who cried wolf

What jolly japes, let’s cause mum and dad so much worry, 24 hours of panic and not knowing if you are coming home. Is it a laugh, hiding in Ikea? What about thinking of the family left worrying at home.

Anyone who does this should be taken to the police station and apologise for wasting police time, time that could have been spent chasing criminals not wasting it looking for children who should know better.

Kids get abducted and sometimes there’s not a good ending, so to pretend you have is pathetic.

What happens when a real missing child case is mistaken for someone who is pretending? Remember the boy who cried wolf - look what happened there.

Jayne Grayson

by email