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Some readers have sincere concerns about high levels of migration and the impact to our city’s neighbourhoods, public services and the economy in general.

I often do not agree with the views expressed, but everyone is entitled to say what they think without automatically being dismissed as racist or bigoted. It is only fair to give arguments based on facts or experience a hearing. But blaming some of the most vulnerable people for the effects of decades of mismanagement and underinvestment has nothing to do with facts or fairness.

It makes me both sad and angry when fears about immigration are time and again used as an excuse to trash the very good work done by City of Sanctuary since it began in 2007, here and in 37 other towns and cities spanning the spectrum from Belfast to York. Their aim is to overcome the isolation and hostility experienced by people fleeing persecution or the threat of death. Asylum seekers must go where they are sent by the Home Office: no migrant was ever brought here by City of Sanctuary.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, S35 0AR