Writer’s cramped by temperamental print technology

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I BELIEVE I have the honour of welcoming a new man with my odd moments of inspiration, good luck.

I was invited to write about Women’s Day and there was plenty of material. However, my machine has not been co-operating lately. Very temperamental. My man has gone to see if a certain part can be inserted to improve things. I must cross my fingers.

I was minded to try it out. First, it seemed to jam and then send several copies through at one, then get stuck, you name it, it did it.

By the time I started on my final try, it was late and I had had nothing to eat for many hours. I felt like throwing the blooming machine through the window, except that it was rather a windy night.

I wonder if generations of would-be writers have felt the same.

When the caveman was trying to put his print on a wonderful impression of a wild animal and his special stone for inscribing snapped in half, did he feel the same and wonder if that last half of the animal he caught that morning was still eatable?

When Leonardo was doing the Last Supper, did he realise he had just missed an important person out?

When the first printing took place, did they run out of ink, or find the ‘E’ missing?

Does the editor of an important newspaper suddenly find that the date of the next election has just been missed off?

If you get this, it will be that by some miracle, my typewriter decided to print.

I must buy that spare part.

Mrs Vera Percy, Hoole Rd, S10.