Would you try Parma Violets cheese? It's a thing '¦

In a time of weird food fads, we just have to ask - would you try this?

In line with the 70th birthday of traditional British sweets Parma Violets, a special edition cheese has been created for confectionery fans across the country.

Swizzels, the makers of the sweets, has teamed up with The Cheshire Cheese Company to launch the unique purple cheese, which comes in a purple wrapper to boot!

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Available to order online, and in a deep purple wax wrapping, the cheese combines the savoury bite of traditional Cheshire cheese, with the sweetness of the violet-coloured sweeties!

Claire Lee, new product development brand manager at Swizzels said: “To celebrate Parma Violets 70th birthday we wanted to give the nation something special and different.

“We know Parma Violets are a unique flavour that divides the nation and we think this cheese will do the same thing.”

She continued: “The cheese has been in development for a few months to ensure we get the taste and texture just right.

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“Parma Violets fans and cheese lovers can enjoy this on crackers or melted on toast – it has a distinct flavour which tastes great and means you can savour the Parma Violets flavour in new and exciting ways.”

Will you be melting it on toast? Crumbling it over pasta? Slicing it on a cracker?

Or is it just too weird?

The cheese is available online at Parma Violets Cheese