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Streets Ahead recently delivered a long letter through the doors of residents on Rustlings Road confirming how damaging trees was a last resort and explaining how all works around remaining trees are carried out to industry-accepted guidance under the supervision of a qualified arboriculturist ‘to ensure no root tree damage occurs’.

However, that very same morning Amey were on the opposite side of Rustlings Road cutting a trench with a mechanical digger through the root zone of two healthy mature trees that are not affected by the programme of tree felling, with no arboriculturist in attendance and in direct contravention of the quoted guidance.

It was to avoid any further damage to the City’s valuable ‘urban forest’, its reputation as one of Europe’s greenest cities and, its rebranding as the ‘Outdoor City’ that the SORT campaigners provided a comprehensive dossier of matters worthy of review.

As well as ecological, health and amenity benefits this dossier included working methods and staffing.

This was rejected by the council .

I only hope that any advice given at this week’s Tree Forum that might conflict with the current programme of tree felling will be listened to.

Alan Robshaw

by email