Would-be Sheffield intruder caught in the act as heroic dog, Zeus, chases him down the street

Zeus, left, and Morgan Avenue, right - Google Maps
Zeus, left, and Morgan Avenue, right - Google Maps
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A would-be intruder trying to break into a Sheffield house was stopped in his tracks and pinned to the floor by a well-trained dog.

Keri Mettam, of Morgan Avenue, said that she had stepped outside of her house when she heard someone trying to break into a neighbour's window.

After calling out to the would-be intruder, Keri instructed her ten-month-old Rottweiler to go and see who was there.

The next minute, Zeus "bolted" through to the neighbour's garden before chasing the would-be intruder down the street.

He then dragged the man down to the floor by his arm and pinned him down until Keri arrived on the scene.

Keri said: "Everything happened so fast. I told Zeus to leave the man but it was very dark and he had something covering his face.

"I have my three children to think about or I wouldn't have let Zeus go after him. I only hope it was a lesson for the man not to try this road again.

"I'm more than proud of my boy. He is such a gentle soul and so calm around the kids. A beautiful, family-loving dog."