Worthy of honour?

Hayley Nelson and Gill Rhodes have been awarded with the British Empire Medal for the services to digital inclusion in Sheffield at the Learn For Life Enterprise.Hayley Nelson and Gill Rhodes have been awarded with the British Empire Medal for the services to digital inclusion in Sheffield at the Learn For Life Enterprise.
Hayley Nelson and Gill Rhodes have been awarded with the British Empire Medal for the services to digital inclusion in Sheffield at the Learn For Life Enterprise.
The Star is to be commended for the December 30, 2017, front page '˜Great Honour' report of Gill Rhodes and Hayley Nelson being awarded the British Empire Medal.

These ladies via their Learn for Life Enterprise are working tirelessly for the benefit of the local community.

Contrast local press acknowledgement of their achievement with that accorded to Nick Clegg.

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You have listed the service given for all awards recipients being awarded their honour, with one exception – merely informing your readers that he has received a knighthood.

In my opinion you quite rightly then comment that ‘the ex-Liberal Democrat leader remains a vocal critic of Brexit and his award was criticised by some Leavers when details leaked earlier this week.’

Like myself, are you at a loss to understand what service of benefit he has provided to the country and local community during his term of political office?

The only reason he became Deputy Prime Minister was that David Cameron needed the support of the Liberal Democrat Party in his Tory coalition government.

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In this role he was very much a background figure – very similar to John Prescott when Deputy Prime Minister to Tony Blair in the Labour government.

He broke the Lib/Dem manifesto pledge to his Hallam constituents not to increase student fees, and has failed to accept the democratic vote of the people to leave the EU – placing every obstacle in the way and even writing a book on how to thwart Brexit.

Contrast the favourable treatment accorded to him by the Establishment-orientated Awards Committee members, and their continual shabby cold-shouldering of Nigel Farage.

Love him or loathe him, it is an indisputable fact that without his tireless work as Leader of UKIP and its members, Brexit would not have been achieved.

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In this respect his service to his country merits the highest award and recognition – yet he continues to receive nothing.

He and his party colleagues continue to represent the UK in the proportional representation-elected European Parliament.

He is a vociferous advocate for Brexit – unlike many politicians in the House of Commons who while professing to accept the democratic decision of the people are intent on delaying and sabotaging our withdrawal in March 2019.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Not the worst in Sheffield

I have read in your paper about Georgina Grogan’s unfortunate experience with a disabled toilet, (December 26, 2017).

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I am sympathising for you, Georgina, but my experience is even “better” than yours!

You should try disabled toilets at Homebase, Chesterfield Road.

I used it about two months ago, put soap on my hands – and found out that the tap was broken.

So, with soapy hands all over my walking stick I went back to the store and reported it to a member of the team, who said he’d pass it on to the manager immediately.

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About three weeks later I was at the store again and used the toilet and the tap was still broken.

But this time I just did not wash my hands, (very hygenic), and went back to report it directly to the manager again.

What she told me – Yes, we know about it, but we do not have funds to repair it. Just wash your hands in the ladies .

So, I went back to wash my hands in the “ladies” – which is a cabin the size of a small cupboard, where you have to walk backwards to use the toilet.

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The hand dryer just above the tap so when you are washing your hands you are drying your sleeves and shoulders at the same time.

Maybe healthy people can put up with all those things but for a disabled person it is a task.

Now I am going to Dunelm if I need a toilet. Luckily, they are so close to each other and the facilities are brilliant.

So, Georgina, count yourself lucky – the toilet you used is not the worst in Sheffield.

Tanya Vickers


Pity council couldn’t see it

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Many readers will have read the recent news articles and reports about the development of hybrid-electric jet E-FAN X planes by a consortium of Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens.

These could be the forerunners of the long-anticipated flying cars and air taxis and certainly will initially be well suited to short to medium flights.

It’s argued that this type of ‘plane’ – initially a BAe 146 – will require much smaller airports than are currently used as only short runways will be required.

The ideal location locally for such an airport would have been the Sheffield Airport site routinely used by 146s and now being built over with industrial units.

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So let’s hope the powers that be in the council and elsewhere have a suitable site in mind within the city boundary.

This type of facility has long been identified in the trade press as a future need in urban areas – it’s a pity the council couldn’t see it and preserve the old airport site for the future.

I can’t think of any other suitable city sites – though I suppose one of our larger parks or green belt areas could be used?



Thanks a bunch

Are you, like me, sick to death of hearing from all the highways agency’s just how well they are coping with all the snow?

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They show us all the free flowing motorways and a roads and the mountains of grit salt but what they don’t tell me is how to get off the very steep un gritted hill that I live on, thanks a bunch.

John Vintin

by email

Priorities are all wrong

How ridiculous this “false patriotic” views of the colour of the “possible” new passports has become.

Firstly, how many people realise that the EU didn’t set the colour of our EU passports?

This country could have used whatever colour it chose.

In the very same way the “contentious” immigration issue has for years been in our own control, our government just chose not to do the job properly, preferring to let the “national” media whip up hysteria for their own long- term gains eg tax evasion for the wealthy by off-shore means.

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Meanwhile, people in this country are getting poorer with many relying on food banks.

The priorities are all wrong.

B Heaton


Welcome back Terry

Just want to cheer Mr Palmers return to these pages.

I’ve never agreed with him about anything but he does brighten them up.

Actually, now I come to think about it, I do agree with every word he wrote about Nick Clegg’s knighthood.

This may be a case of starting the New Year as I do not mean to go on.

Welcome back Terry.

Stephen Crowther


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