Worst footpaths in the country

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I HAVE just read the Lib-Dems’ leaflet on the wonderful things they have done for this area, including much-needed crossing areas for the blind and partially-sighted.

However, before they can access these, they have to negotiate what are the worst footpaths in the country.

They have more ups and downs than the Atlantic and more loose chippings than a builder’s yard. In the 46 years I’ve lived here, they have never been resurfaced. They have more uneven patches than a quilt. If they get to the crossings without breaking a leg, they are in danger of falling in a pothole!

Mrs J Milner, Liberty Drive, S6

Paul Scriven says people want a change in the voting system. Who is he kidding?

I suspect the vast majority view the AV referendum as a waste of time and money. Most have a strong allegiance to Labour or Conservatives. They are not concerned whether their MP has an overall majority and have no wish to rank candidates in order of preference. David Cameron agreed to the referendum in order to persuade the Lib Dems they had something to gain from a coalition. Ironically, this could cause it to unravel even faster than it already is doing.

Paul Kenny, Netherthorpe Wk, S3