Worst dog fouling blackspots in Doncaster revealed

Pictured is Springwell Lane,Balby,which had had the most complaints of dog fouling in Doncaster
Pictured is Springwell Lane,Balby,which had had the most complaints of dog fouling in Doncaster
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THE Star today reveals the streets in Doncaster which are the worst blackspots for dog fouling.

Figures we have obtained show more than 2,000 complaints have been made to Doncaster Council over dog faeces on the streets of the borough over the last three years.

And 12 streets have accounted for more than 10 complaints each.

The problems is recognised as a serious issue by Doncaster Council, which is responsible for keeping the streets clean, and the authorities say they are trying to clamp down on owners who fail to clean up after their pets.

And The Star now aims to highlight the problem.

Figures for complaints made to Doncaster Council’s sweeping service reveal Springwell Lane in Balby has received the most complaints, out of a total of 2,228 reported.

There have been 22 complaints lodged on the street.

Next in the table of complaints comes Harlington Road, in Mexborough, with 17.

West End Road, Norton and Woodlands Road, Woodlands have 14 complaints each.

Grange Road in Moorends and Hayfield Lane, Finningley recorded 13 each, and Doncaster Lane, Woodlands, Holmes Carr Road, Rossington and Main Street, Mexborough, each had 10 complaints.

Gardens Lane, Conisbrough, High Street, Norton, and Princess Street, Woodlands, all had 10 complaints.

Doncaster Council says it is aware of the extent of problem in the borough.

Council assistant director of environment Gill Gillies said: “Dog fouling is a serious problem which blights our borough and we will not tolerate this or any other form of environmental crime.

“As part of our Love Where You Live campaign we have been asking more people to report fouling. We have also made it easier for residents to report the issue.

“Doncaster Council works hard to promote responsible dog ownership. As well as fining those who do not pick up after their faithful friends we also look out for good owners and put them into a prize draw for a doggy hamper from Pets at Home.”

Reports of dog fouling were up this year compared to the previous 12 months.

Figures provided by the council reveal 716 reports during 2011-12, compared with 659 during 2010-11. The figure for 2009-10, was even higher, with 853 reports.

But the chances of owners who allow their pets to foul the pavements being caught have gone up significantly since 2010.

In 2009-10, only 28 fixed penalty notices were issued for the offence.

But that had risen by almost four times by 2010-11, when 102 fines were dished out. Figures for 2011-12 showed 80, shortly before the end of the year.