Worlds apart but still in Pitsmoor

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I am responding to the letter from LS Sheffield, in The Star when he/she writes about Pitsmoor and Burngreave.

Of course, there are no slums now, they were all pulled down after the Second World War.

I was brought up in one of these houses from the age of three until 17 years old.

They consisted of three rooms, living room, one bedroom and an attic.

Although the neighbours did their best, even washing the flagstones outside and donkey-stoning the door step, they regularly fought a losing battle against bugs, especially in the summer.

There was no hot water but despite this, there were often lines of washing hanging out to dry and toilets at the bottom of the yard.

You needed to turn off Pitsmoor Road to see these houses.

At the top of Woodside Lane the local doctor had a large house in its own grounds, then there was the Dr Barnardo’s Homes and the vicarage, both in large grounds, also the Church opposite. It was another world.

As we grew older, we used to walk to Abbeyfield Park. It was lovely to see trees and grass, but all we could do was sit on one of the seats and have a chat and a laugh or have a guessing game. There were signs everywhere ‘Keep Off The Grass’.

I remember parts of Pitsmoor being so much worse.

D Canning, Sheffield S10