Workmen driven away by traders after parking row

John Charlton
John Charlton
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PROTESTING shopkeepers sent highways workmen packing – after refusing to let them block parking spaces for roadworks during trading hours.

Owners of stores on High Street, Mosborough, were furious when they opened for business yesterday to find workmen outside putting out cones.

The Sheffield Council Street Force staff wanted to prevent parking, so they could carry out work on the approach to traffic signals.

But Sharon Naseby, of High Street tanning salon 2Ways2Tan, said: “I picked up the cones and threw them off the road onto the pavement.

“Some of us then parked our cars there to stop the work from going ahead.

“Stopping parking during trading hours would mean pensioners having to park on the other side of a busy road and run the gauntlet of traffic to get to the post office and fewer spaces for customers.”

Sharon said she and neighbouring shopkeepers told Street Force workmen they would not back down, even if police were called. The council has now agreed to reschedule the work to take place on an evening or weekend to reduce disruption.

The stand by traders follows anger after council workmen installed yellow and white lines to control parking on the same road last week before they had a legal order – so they then had to remove them again.

The council will have to return to repaint them once the legal order is valid, without which the restrictions cannot be enforced.

After winning her battle against the workmen, a delighted Sharon said: “The new hours they are proposing to carry out the work will be much better.

“It will mean people can come and go from businesses on High Street without disruption and also mean less traffic jams for motorists passing through the area.”

John Charlton, Sheffield Council’s director of Street Force, said: “We routinely carry out work of this kind on a daily basis without experiencing any problems, but on this occasion we have listened to traders’ concerns.”