Working together via the modern media

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Healthcare professionals in Barnsley are using the modern media to demonstrate the importance of working together.

Barnsley Hospital’s chief executive, Paul O’Connor and Barnsley GP, Dr Pete Lane have both tracked their experiences and observations from a morning’s surgery at Dr Lane’s practice in Hoyland, and are sharing their thoughts in a blog post co-written by the two health professionals.

The blog, which is available on the hospital’s website, has showed that the role of a hospital, although crucial for patients with ongoing or serious illnesses, is actually a rarity in an average person’s life and that the level of trust required of a GP is very high.

Paul O’Connor said “As the NHS gears up to greater GP involvement both Dr Lane and I were keen to understand each other’s perspectives and reflect on our morning together. It demonstrated the importance of a collective approach to the future.”

The Barnsley Hospital Chief Executive blog is updated on a regular basis.

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