Workers are prepared if worst winter does arrive

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Highways staff in Barnsley say they are prepared if the worst winter in 66 years does hit the UK as expected over the next few months.

Forecasters are predicting up to 100 days of snow.

But Barnsley Council’s repairs and maintenance specialist Kier has already taken steps to ensure services continue as normal.

Staff have been given training in keeping warm while out and about and driving in icy conditions, a buddy system has been introduced so staff are accounted for, and Kier has invested in 4x4 vehicles ready to be fitted with snow tyres.

Area regional manager Pat Mollart said: “Winter can be a dangerous time for our staff and customers alike, which is why it is important to make preparations early.

“With the coldest winter in 66 years on its way, coupled with people already struggling to heat their homes due to high energy bills, this year our scheme could prove to be a life saver.”

According to long-range weather forecasters, this winter is expected to be the worst since 1947, with months of relentless cold and heavy snow ‘extremely likely’ across the country.

Kier began issuing winter working equipment to its staff, including shovels, thermal underwear and thick protective gloves, earlier in the year.