Work with Mayor Davies for good of town

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I SEE that, once again, we in Doncaster have applied in the latest round for city status.

I SEE that, once again, we in Doncaster have applied in the latest round for city status.

If it is successful, and I for one hope that it is, we must arise out of the Dark Ages on many fronts and in particular the running of the town-city.

Stop this political infighting. Labour won’t work with the mayor. And the Conservatives don’t want one of their members to do this either.

For goodness sake try and work with Mayor Davies for the good of Doncaster and the people who live here.

He will and probably does, make mistakes. But it should have been obvious from Day 1 that he’s a man of honesty and integrity, something in itself very rare in a leader or politician.

I personally have spoken to people from other areas of the country who wish that they had someone similar at the helm.

Furthermore, not just on the political side but do more to back our brilliant airport so that eventually the success leads to reduced costs of flying from the local ‘gem’.

Finally, on the sporting front, let’s back our local soccer team and not Leeds United, Sheffield United and Wednesday, or even Manchester United.

Leave that to the people who live there.

B Heaton, Ivanhoe Cl, Doncaster

John should be Olympic torch-bearer

What an incredible man is John Burkhill, Sheffield’s mad man with a pram, dressed in his green wig and pushing his veteran pram.

He’s 72 years old and puts a lot of time and effort as he goes about trying to raise a quarter of a million pounds for Macmillan.

I remember in the terrible weather we had just before Christmas John was out in it, never once giving up, to complete 1,000 miles raising more than £8,500 for Macmillan. That’s dedication!

I know he has just finished another 1,000 mile-walk and raised more than £10,000 for Macmillan and understand he is halfway to a quarter of a million. With his dedication and commitment I’m sure he will get there.

My family and me are donating £10 to his just giving page (

We can all help him reach that magic quarter of a million if just a few of the hundreds of businesses took this very worthy cause to their hearts. I’m sure we can help him on to a quarter of a million and beyond. He truly deserves it.

Come on you all you businesses in Sheffield. Go to

Lets get him there.

Emma Hinchliffe, Fretson Rd, S2

now that the Olympic touch relay route has been announced you can nominate a torch-bearer. See

Without a doubt John Burkhill should be nominated.

Trouble is to nominate you have to know the persons date of birth and address.

Can anyone help and nominate John?