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Drivers who park illegally outside schools are lazy, irresponsible and deserve to be punished.

That sentiment has driven our Your Child campaign, aimed at enforcing the parking restrictions around school gates across Sheffield.

And it is why we sympathise with the city mums who have formed a human chain outside their children’s school to prevent motorists mounting the pavement with their cars.

It is drastic action and we have no wish to see members of the community putting themselves in situations where their safety could be at risk.

But the mums feel compelled to act following a series of near-accidents outside the school.

No wonder they are calling for Sheffield Council to install railings or bollards outside the Parson Cross school to keep their children safe.

This would appear to be a perfectly reasonable request and yet they have faced some drivers who they describe as aggressive and intimidating.

These people should take a long, hard look at themselves and be ashamed.

The mums have every right to protest and it is obvious they have support after launching a petition which already has 200 signatures.

The school will also pitch in by sending more than 400 letters, each handwritten by a child within the school, to the council, asking for help.

So now is the time for action.

We are tired of excuses where children’s safety is concerned.

The authorities must show the will to do something.

If they cannot, we need to understand why and be offered alternatives.

We understand that budgets are tight and bodies like the council and police have manpower issues.

But if a group of mums are willing to act on a daily basis, there is clearly a community will for action.

The police and council need to capitalise on this and work with the mums to create a permanent solution which satisfies their concerns and can be funded.